What is Custody Mediation?

      Divorce-Mediation-Long-Island-Co-Parenting  Whenever a lawsuit is filed to establish custody, or a motion is filed to modify an existing custody order, the parties are ordered to attend Child Custody Mediation.  There are certain circumstances which may exempt the parties from mediation; however, generally speaking, custody mediation is mandatory. Court ordered mediation is scheduled through the court system and is conducted at the courthouse.  Mediation is intended to facilitate a conversation between the parties, with the help of a professional mediator, and with the goal of settling the pending custody dispute.  Attorneys for the parties do not attend this court-ordered mediation.  Custody mediation does not address child support; however, the outcome of mediation may have an effect on child support.  The attorneys at Plyler, Long & Corigliano, LLP will assist you with all stages of your custody case.  We will prepare you for mediation as well as review any parenting agreements which may result from mediation.

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