Our Monroe family law attorneys offer parenting coordinator services as an alternative to litigation for parents who are involved in high conflict matters relating to their children. A parenting coordinator has specialized legal training whose goal is to assist high-conflict families with issues regarding custody and parenting.

In North Carolina, the court may appoint a parenting coordinator during a child custody action to help the parents make parenting decisions that are in the best interests of their children, provided the court determines their ability to pay for those services. When the parents can’t agree, the parenting coordinator is authorized to make the decision.

A trustworthy parenting coordinator will help your family resolve matters of conflict in a supportive and understanding environment. We can help bring a solution to your parenting conflicts by:

  • identifying disputes
  • reducing misunderstandings
  • clarifying priorities
  • exploring compromise
  • ensuring compliance with the court’s order of custody

How does the Parent Coordinator Program work?

The court will appoint a parental coordinator to help families make decisions that are in the best interests of their children, explore compromise options, and help eliminate any misunderstanding and conflict.

When the court selects a parental coordinator is a court order needed?

The answer is yes. To give the parental coordinator the authority to make decisions and access information, a court order is required. The parental coordinator’s responsibilities will then be outlined in that court order.

Are there fees associated with a parental coordinator?

Yes. Parental coordinators charge hourly rates that are typical of the field in which they work. You must sign a contract stating the coordinator’s hourly pay as well as the number of meetings required. Each coordinator may charge a different hourly price and need a different amount for the retainer.

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