Cost of Estate Planning (You Can Afford It)

Every adult needs an estate plan. A well-designed estate plan will help you ensure that your wishes are honored no matter what tomorrow brings. Yet, a shocking percentage of Americans do not have any type of estate plan in place. Indeed, a survey cited by the AARP found that 6 in 10 Americans lack basic estate planning documents.

While there are many reasons for this, one major issue is that people are worried about the cost of setting up an estate plan. The good news is that estate planning is affordable for people and families in North Carolina. Here, our Monroe estate planning lawyers provide a brief guide to the cost of estate planning.

A Simple Will and Estate Planning Package is Very Affordable

The majority of people and families in North Carolina can benefit from a simple will and comprehensive estate planning packages. Executing a last will and testament, both a healthcare and financial power of attorney, and an advanced directive is typically a very affordable option for most individuals and families.

Further, once you have a professionally prepared estate plan in place, you can make revisions as necessary. Life brings changes — you should be prepared to change your estate plan with it.

Estate Planning Mistakes Can Cost You a Lot of Money in the Long Run

Avoiding estate planning because you do not want to pay the relatively modest upfront costs could be a huge (and expensive) mistake. Likewise, relying entirely on online form wills and other estate planning forms often cost a lot more money in the long run.

Mistakes made in do-it-yourself estate planning documents are costly to fix. The best thing you can do to protect your legal rights and financial interests is to set up a professional estate plan from the beginning.

The Cost of Estate Planning Vary Based on Your Needs

Estate planning is not a one-size-fits-all service. To truly provide the maximum level of peace of mind and legal protection, your estate plan should be customized to suit your needs. Of course, this means that the cost of estate planning will vary from person to person.

If you want to learn more about what you can expect to pay in your situation, reach out to a reliable estate planning law firm for a consultation. You can explain your goals and your needs. Based on that information, a lawyer will be able to provide you with guidance.

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