Can You Fight a Speeding Ticket in North Carolina?

Speeding is one of the most common traffic tickets issued in our region. According to the North Carolina Department of Police Safety (NCDPS), state police officers issued an estimated 306,000 speeding tickets in 2021 alone. Local law enforcement issued even more speeding violations. A ticket for speeding can ruin your day. It can be expensive and add points to your license.

This raises an important question: Can you fight a speeding ticket in North Carolina? The answer is yes—as long as you take action before the deadline expires, you have the right to challenge a speeding ticket. In this blog post, our Monroe traffic ticket attorney provides an overview of the key things to know about fighting a speeding ticket in North Carolina.

Carefully Review the Ticket: Know What You Are Accused Of

Getting a speeding ticket is frustrating. When you have a clear moment, it is important to carefully review the ticket. Make sure that you understand exactly what you were cited for, what the implications of the ticket are, and what options you have for moving forward.

Three Options for Dealing With Your Speeding Ticket

There are four basic options for responding to a speeding ticket in North Carolina—but they are not all good choices. If you were issued a traffic ticket for speeding in Union County, you can move forward in any of the following four ways:

  1. Ignore the Ticket (Big Mistake): Ignoring the ticket is an option—but it is never the right choice. If you fail to take action, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will receive a notice and your license will be revoked.
  2. Pay the Ticket: You can always simply pay for the ticket. It should be noted that this effectively means you are accepting that you committed the violation. Before you pay, make sure you know whether or not doing so will affect your driver’s license or insurance.
  3. Request a Contested Hearing: With a contested hearing, you are challenging the legal legitimacy of the ticket. Law enforcement has the obligation to prove that you were speeding.

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