Tips for Winning a Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is one where the litigants cannot mutually agree to settle some or all issues. In a contested divorce, there may be disputes regarding child support, financial responsibilities, and more. Working with a divorce attorney in Monroe, NC can help make the process easier. Some tips for winning a contested divorce and in making a divorce run smoother include:

  • Knowing your assets
  • Working with an expert
  • Knowing your debts
  • Writing a custody journal
  • Hiring a good therapist
  • Taking time off
  • Developing a winning strategy

Contested divorce cases are always tough. Without the right help, they can take a toll on you both personally and financially. Keep these tips in mind to make the process easier.

1. Know Your Assets

If you don’t know what assets you and your spouse own, you may lose them. Even though it may sound like a basic concept, plenty of people do not know the accurate location or value of their assets. If you are anticipating a divorce, gather as much information about the family assets as possible. Get copies of all the important documents and present them to your attorney.

2. Work with an Expert

Divorce can be a complicated process no matter how ready you think you are. Work with an experienced Monroe, NC divorce attorney. An experienced attorney will represent your interests and give you personalized advice and guidance to help you navigate your contested divorce. 

3. Know Your Debts

Run your credit report and find out how much debt you have. It helps you prepare and negotiate asset division in a manner to protect your best interest. If your attorney knows how much you and your spouse owe, they will work to protect you.

4. Write a Custody Journal

If you and your spouse are in disagreement about child custody, keep a journal. When determining child custody, a judge will prioritize the safety and well-being of the children. Write down details of daily life with the children and which parent assists with which activities. Document the actions and attitudes demonstrated by your children and how the divorce has affected them. Having plenty of information makes it easier for your lawyer to represent you.

5. Hire a Good Therapist

A contested divorce can be distressing for both you and your children. Even though your divorce attorney wants to help you navigate the legalities of your divorce, do not mistake them for a therapist. You may need a therapist trained to help you process your feelings and transition to the next phase of your life. A good therapist will walk you and your children through the emotions of a divorce and help you process them in healthy ways.

6. Take Time Off

Temporarily walking away from heated divorce arguments can be good for your mental health. When you are angry, bitter, or hurt, resist the urge to speak with your ex. Take time to do something positive. Do not let the divorce take over all aspects of your life.

Monroe 7. Develop a Winning Strategy

A good divorce attorney can help you develop a strategy for success. If you leave things to chance and hope for the best, you are unlikely to succeed. Your attorney will begin developing a strategy for your case right from the start.

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