How to Obtain Divorce Decree in Monroe, NC

A divorce decree is the official result of a divorce action. The presiding judge signs the final decree. It details the parties involved, the final decision, and can include decisions over essential matters such as asset division and child custody.

A divorce is a process that can have far-reaching effects on you, your children, and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. You need to have an experienced legal mind by your side while seeking a divorce decree. Family Law Attorney Monroe, NC has an in-depth knowledge of the legal process to help make you comfortable with and understand your divorce decree. 

If you are involved in a divorce case, you must obtain the divorce decree.  Upon receiving the decree, you should keep it in a safe place in case you need to prove your marital status. Even though you can get a copy of your divorce decree from the courts, there are other ways to obtain the document. They include:

  • Online Sources

Online sources may be a good way to get a copy of a divorce decree if you are not a party to the divorce. There are many useful databases and search engines. If a divorce decree is not on file, you may be able to pay a small fee to access it on the internet. Note that it may be impossible to view a divorce decree if you were not involved in the case.

  • The Clerk’s Office

The court where you filed for divorce will keep all records of your divorce for a certain period of time. You can request a copy of your divorce decree from the office whenever you need it.

They may ask you to identify yourself and provide some details of your divorce, such as the divorce date or the name of the judge who issued the decree.

  • The Department of Vital Records

The department of vital records can help you if you cannot find your divorce decree at the clerk of court. Seek help from your county vital records department or the state department of records.

  • Contact Your Family Law Attorney 

Speak to the attorney who handled your case and ask for a copy of your divorce decree. If you are looking for an old divorce decree, your attorney may still have a copy. Most attorneys will retain details of their clients’ divorce for a certain period of time.

Writing | Real Estate AttorneyWrite to the Court

You can write to the court to obtain a copy of the divorce decree. You can send a certified letter to the person in charge of the court’s archives. Your request must be in writing and you must provide the return envelope and postage, along with payment for the fee to make a copy of the divorce decree.

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