How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney in Monroe, North Carolina

An accident victim’s choice of an attorney is one of the key decisions that will determine how much the victim receives in compensation and whether they are overall pleased with the process. At Plyler, Long & Corigliano, LLP, we offer members of the public a consultation so that they can learn important information about our firm. Below, our personal injury lawyers highlight what you should look for when shopping for an attorney to represent you.

Look for Relevant Experience

Not all lawyers are the same. A person who handles a divorce or a criminal matter might be a terrific lawyer. But they might lack the deep experience in personal injury law necessary to provide the best representation.

Pay Attention to Communication StylesHow to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

Clients are happiest when they can participate meaningfully in their cases. This means clients should feel comfortable talking with their attorney and should understand what he or she is saying.

During the consultation, note how comfortable you feel asking questions. Can you understand the lawyer’s answers? Or is the lawyer talking over your head? Does the lawyer seem to welcome questions, or is he or she pressed for time?

Always trust your gut. If you don’t think that you feel comfortable with an attorney, it is best to look elsewhere.How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

Ask How the Lawyer Keeps in Touch

In every personal injury case, months might pass before anything meaningful happens. We realize that our clients are focused solely on their case and that waiting can be difficult. For this reason, we always encourage our clients to reach out to us if they have a question.


In your consultation, ask how the lawyer communicates:

  • Email?
  • Phone call?
  • Can you stop in if you have a question?

Also, ask who you will communicate with. Will it be with a lawyer or with a case assistant?

How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

Discuss Fees

You want to hire a lawyer you can afford. Fortunately, most personal injury lawyers represent injured plaintiffs on contingency, where the lawyer declines to accept any fee upfront. In exchange, the lawyer agrees to take a percentage of your settlement or jury verdict. This means if you don’t win your case, you don’t owe any lawyer fees.

Talk about how the lawyer decides what percentage to take and how you will pay for associated costs of the lawsuit, like postage and filing fees. The lawyer should be able to use his experience to estimate the costs of the suit.

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