How Much Can Divorce Papers Cost in Monroe, NC?

Divorce can be expensive. However, hiring an experienced family law attorney to represent you in your divorce can save you time and money down the road. It is especially important to seek competent legal representation if there are issues that will be contested in your case. Some of the costs you may have to incur in your divorce include:

  • attorney fees
  • filing costs
  • fees for service of complaints
  • fees for subpoenas
  • possible expert witness fees
  • mediation costs.

Working with an experienced and qualified divorce attorney in Monroe, NC can prepare you for what to expect in order to ease the burden. 

How Much Are Filing fees for a Divorce?

Divorce should be filed in the court where you and your former spouse reside. You must file a complaint to initiate the process since North Carolina is a ‘No fault’ divorce state, meaning you do not need to provide proof of marital misconduct to get a divorce.

The fee to file for a divorce in North Carolina is $225. You must pay this to the clerk’s office where you file your divorce complaint. You also need to pay an extra $10 if you intend to resume your maiden name. You may need to pay $20 for a notice of hearing. 

How to Obtain Divorce DecreeService Fees

After filing a divorce complaint, the summons and complaint must be served on your spouse. You may serve them in person by using the local Sheriff or a private process server if the Sheriff is unable to obtain service, or by mail. Both require payment of a service fee. If you can’t find your spouse, you may have to pay for the publication of the divorce in a local paper in order to serve your spouse. 

The Cost of Representation

Though people often think divorce attorneys are expensive, hiring a good divorce attorney in Monroe, NC to represent you from the beginning of your divorce case will likely save you time and expense in the long run. Your family law attorney will represent you, give you the legal advice you need to get through a divorce and litigate or negotiate contested matters on your behalf.

Different attorneys use different billing methods. Some attorneys may charge a flat flee, while others may charge you hourly. It often depends on whether your case is contested and the amount of work that will become necessary to resolve your divorce case.

When hiring an attorney, it is important to realize that you are paying for their skill and experience. A skilled and experienced attorney will likely mean a more favorable outcome for you in your divorce case. 

Fee Waivers

Signed divorce papersIf you cannot afford the filing fee required to file your divorce papers, you may request that the court waive these fees. You must submit a waiver petition along with your petition for divorce. If you submit a waiver petition, you must sign an affidavit that you don’t have the means to pay the fees. You may need to provide documents such as your tax records, bank statements and pay records. 

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